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We are Tim and Carol Acord.  Goldendoodles are a passion and a joy for us.  We live in the Eastern United states in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains,  in  Southwestern Virginia.  Our residence is situated on the Little River, (a glorious paradise for ourselves, as well as our Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and Golden Doodles) in beautiful Floyd County, Virginia, about one hour south of Roanoke, Virginia.

Little River Winter

We are approximately a four hour drive from Richmond, Virginia, and a five hour drive from Washington, DC. Raleigh, North Carolina is approximately three hours to our southeast.  You’ve probably heard quite a bit about Virginia Tech, located in Blacksburg, Virginia, which is a little less than an hour from Floyd, Virginia , and Radford University, located in Radford, Virginia is also slightly less than an hour  from our farm.  Additionally, the famous Blue Ridge Parkway winds it’s way through Floyd.  The Parkway, which is responsible for much of the tourism in our little one-stoplight town, spans from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina to the Shenandoah National Park in Luray, Virginia.

Tim grew up in Pembroke,  Virginia, in nearby Giles County, also home to Narrows, and Pearisburg, Virginia. He is also the owner of Acord Heating and Air, and hands-on practical helper and assistant with the dogs, kennel yard and area, and, of course, responsible for the heating in the kennel area!   Carol grew up in Montgomery County, in the town of Christiansburg, Virginia. She is the wife, mom, daughter, Nana, hands on doggy lover and advocate, bookkeeper of the business, and is attempting to help Tim with his Quickbooks.

Rosie's Doodles Have a Fan Club

People often tend to look upon their place in life as a “have to” instead of a “get to” situation.  Thankfully, we have been blessed with an opportunity to do something that we enjoy very much! Simply stated, our dogs are our family.  We offer them the best of care, and the best of our love.  Our vet recently told us that people want a Golden Retriever that doesn’t shed!  Perhaps that’s a fairly apt description of the Goldendoodle – almost, but not quite!   Making the choice to raise F1 Standard Goldendoodles was a very easy one for us.  (We are currently giving consideration to breeding F1b Standards in the future)  The first thing that drew Carol’s attention to them was that they were so CUTE!

So Cute!!

The more that we learned about the Goldendoodle, the more attractive they were.  Every Doodle owner that we came across raved about their dog and spoke enthusiastically about their every aspect.  Every Doodle was kind and friendly to us, total strangers that we were.  We educated ourselves heavily about the Goldendoodle from every angle.  We encountered no red flags; indeed, everything that we learned created more enthusiasm within us the for the breed.  We love the Golden Retriever’s sweet and loving personality and his loyal and outgoing nature.  The Golden breed ranks fourth in intelligence.   Combined with the Poodle’s non-shedding coat and lively intelligence, (the Standard Poodle ranks second in intelligence.) this most popular hybrid is an awesome family pet, getting along famously with children.  Doodle owners attest proudly to the ease of their dog’s house-training.  Most love the water and enjoy fetching and retrieving.

What Doggie Tail?

Our Standards and Golden Retrievers are bred for health, temperament, and beauty.  They are  integrated into our family and life.  They are not relegated to their kennel and left to live there.  They are our friends and we have fun together.  (Please see our Gallery and our “Meet our Moms” and “Meet our Dads” pages for fun photos.)  Even though we have radiant floor heating in our kennel area, our moms are in our home and deliver their sweet babies in our home, where they stay until the appropriate time comes to begin getting them outside to play and to potty train.  Your puppy will be raised in a loving home environment, handled daily, and generally be acclimated to family life, and all the goings on thereof before you take him home.  He or she will have a thorough exam by a certified and licensed veterinarian,  and be fully up to date on all appropriate immunizations and dewormings.   We will begin working on potty training as soon as outdoor temperatures are appropriate and vaccinations have begun.  Your puppy will be familiar with a crate so that when you take him home, this will not be a novel or scary experience for him (or you!)  You will be provided any and all documentation concerning your puppy and his parents. You will be able to see photos and videos of your puppy on our website, read the latest happenings and progress reports.  We are available now and throughout your puppy’s lifetime for your questions, concerns and for support.

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