Dailey Doodle: January 22, 2011 – **TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!**

Today, Lydia’s and Rosie’s Standard Goldendoodle babies are four weeks old!  They are learning, almost by the minute,  how to really live it up!  Lydia’s kids all had their first bath today! Do you realize what happens when puppies begin eating baby foods?  It’s a lot like when human babies begin eating, but worse… As you’ve perhaps seen from some of our pics, puppies adore lying in their bowls, for some reason – adore it.  And they like standing in them, and sleeping in them (so no one else can eat, if there’s anything left in there.)  They like walking through their food, skating through their food…well, you get it.  It’s a messy affair.  Hence, puppy bath time, of necessity comes early and frequently.  No one pitched a fit, like we expected.  However, interestingly enough, Blue Ribbon Boy, who tends to be cautious about things, handled himself quite well.  Yet, Brown Ribbon Boy, who is very congenial, laid back and entertaining, did run, quite manically (OK, “run” is a strong word here – he actually moved about as fast as his short little legs could carry him, falling here and there on the towel that lined the bottom of the tub.) hither and yon.  Then, while all of the other eight puppies, crawled to your lap and buried their faces there while they were being gently blow-dried,  Mr. Brown Ribbon, stood staunchly, like a stoic soldier, as his cream colored fur blew, from the air of the dryer, occasionally looking back at the dryer, as if to say something like, “YEAH, check ME out.  I am too cool, too tough.”

Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath. . .

Rub-a-Dub, Just Relaxin' in the Tub

Of further interest to all of you who are adopting a sweet Doodle puppy, (and to some of you who aren’t!) we are beginning to see little inklings and hints as to the first type of coat that some of these guys are getting in.  Although, this is no guarantee as to what the final outcome of their coats will be,  it’s still exciting to see this happening! I (Carol) am especially partial to the coats that are coming in a little wavy/curly.  Lydia’s blacks that are beginning to curl are so pretty to me!

We thought you might like to see some of the other puppies, and their character traits, as we did in our last post.  Hopefully, we will get through them all fairly soon.  As fast as these babies are growing and changing, it will be time to start anew, by then.

Lydia's Blue Ribbon Boy

Lydia’s Blue Ribbon boy was the second born on Christmas morning.  He likes playing with his siblings, but is also content to be alone.  He seems to take very much after his Dad, King Solomon.

Lydia's Brown Ribbon Boy

Lydia’s Brown Boy is a funny fellow. He’s a communicator and an entertainer and comfortable in his own skin.

Lydia's Black Ribbon Boy

Lydia’s Black Ribbon Boy is full of persona, loves his people and is full of life and fun loving. He’s always ready for a party and make his wishes known.

Lydia's Orange Ribbon Boy

Lydia’s Orange boy is a cute, happy, rumble-tumble little guy.  His color is obviously taken from his mom, but his build more closely resembles his dad.

Lydia's Red Ribbon Boy

Lydia’s Red Boy is playful and bold.  He, as Mr. Orange Boy, is built more like Solomon, but with Lydia’s coloring.  He seems to be a bold and robust leader.  As you can see, he sports Lydia’s white cross on her chest and a tiny tuft of white on his chin

Lydia's Boys 4 Weeks

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