Daily Doodle: December 25, 2010 – CLICK HERE

December 25, 2010 – SURPRISE!!! F1 STANDARD GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES ARE BEING BORN AS WE SPEAK! Lydia has had her first puppy – a little black girl.  We were certain that Rosie would be the first to deliver, but Lydia has given us a Christmas morning surprise, along with the snow coming down.  Lydia is clearly uncomfortable and a little bewildered, but Baby Girl # 1 is strong and healthy and nursing…

1st puppy born at 7:04 am, female (dark pink),  2nd puppy, cream boy, born at 8:01(blue), 3rd puppy, the smallest, so far, a  cream boy, born at 8:14 (brown).  All are active and nursing well.

4th puppy – black girl, 8:31 am (purple), 5th puppy, 8:40, black girl (yellow), 6th puppy – 8:43, black girl (orange) 7th puppy 9;03, black girl (light pink).

Lydia is exhausted.  Puppies seem well and energetic.

11:30 am – Lydia and her seven babies are resting peacefully.  She appears to be through with her delivery, which lasted two hours.  We are unsure how long she was in labor, as we were asleep for that!  She has two cream colored boys,  like their dad, Solomon. (See our “Meet our Dads” page.) She has one little black boy, and four little black girls, some of which have a tiny white marking or two, as does Lydia.

Stay tuned for pictures.

UPDATE FOR DECEMBER 25,  2010:  Lydia was NOT finished with her delivery.  Cream boy number eight puppy was stubborn about emerging into this world.  As we spoke with the vet, and attempted to help him out, it became clear our efforts were not going to be effective.   So off to Christiansburg, Virginia we went with Lydia and her children on this snowy, Christmas day – where Lydia was finally delivered of Mr. Stubborn, thankfully without the expected C-Section! After this little guy was cleared from the birth canal, along came puppy number nine – another black boy.

Before we could clear the vet’s office after determining there were no more babies to be born, we received a call from home, from our son, Micah, who told us that Rosie had just delivered her first puppy!  Almost in hysterics, by now, (we had all been involved in the doggy maternity ward since 7:00 a.m.), we finally and slowly made our way back in the snow toward Floyd with Lydia and her now nine babies.  Micah was extremely glad to see us, where Rosie’s puppy number five was being born as we walked through the door.  It is now close to midnight and we are still delivering Rosie of her sweet babies.  It has been an incredulous Christmas day. . .

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