Daily Doodle: December 27, 2010 – CLICK HERE

Lydia’s New Babies
Rosie’s New Babies

Life in the house with 20 puppies – who would have thought?  We now hear the frequent little (sometimes not so little!) baby grunts and noises.  The washing machine and dryer seem to run almost constantly!  Lydia seems to need a lot of extra attention, now and Carol is feeding both moms very frequently, trying to entice them with home-cooked meals and anything else we can get picky Lydia to eat!  All of your puppies are doing well – healthy and strong.  Rosie’s babies weights ranged from 14 oz. to 20 oz. today.  Lydia’s babies ranged from 8 1/2 oz. to 12 oz.

Lydia’s Children 2 Days Old
Rosie’s 2 Day Old Babies
Weight Watchers!

Thought you guys might like to see our “Like Father, Like Son” photo!  Solomon was about 7 weeks old in his “look like a baby seal” pic, and his son was two days old.

Solomon’s Baby Seal Pose
Solomon’s Son Baby Seal Pose
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