Daily Doodle: December 29, 2010 – CLICK HERE

Our new Standard Goldendoodles are 4 days old today.  Even at this stage, different personalities are apparent in these babies.  Already some of the 20 puppies are known for their certain sounds and behaviors.  Rosie’s puppies are much larger than Lydia’s.  They are also noisier and more demanding and seem more mature. As I sit at the desk, Rosie’s babies are whining, fussing, sometimes growling or even practicing their most fierce bark!  I’ve heard Lydia’s children doing the same thing!  Lydia’s sweet babies are coming along nicely, seem more laid back (usually) and seem to have Lydia’s daintiness.

These mommy’s have come to believe that they both are princesses, of a sort, as they lounge about in the den and bedroom and have their every need catered to!  They are being cooked for once or twice a day, fed a total of 4-5 times a day, and served many tasty treats as well, to help them to regain their pre-pregnancy weight, and to help replace  the many calories and nutrients that they are now donating to their children.

Aside from the beauty of an F1 Standard Goldendoodle,  your new puppies have an inherent desire to please their families, a lovely quality of the Golden Retriever, as well as the intelligence to do that, a typical attribute of the Standard Poodle, who ranks number two in intelligence.  The Golden Retriever ranks number four.  Quite an impressive hybrid!

We had a photo shoot late tonight.  You should be able to pick out your puppy by the color of the ribbon that he or she is wearing.  By this color coded system, we are able to keep perfect track of your puppy from the moment of birth – his weight, emerging personality and many other things.

Check out these sweet, sweet little baby Doodles:

Three of Rosie’s Babies
Rosie’s Eleven

Thought you might like to see the dad of Rosie’s babies, Tanner, of Cripple Creek Kennel in Wytheville, Virginia.

Cripple Creeks Tanner
Lydia’s Sweethearts
Lydia’s Litter
Lydia’s Lovelies
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