Daily Doodle: January 1, 2011 – CLICK HERE

Our two precious litters of F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies are one week old today!  Rosie’s babies weights today ranged from one lb. -  fifteen oz. (Red ribbon boy), to one lb. – six oz. (Purple ribbon girl).  Lydia’s little ones’ weights today ranged from seventeen oz. (Blue ribbon boy, and Light Pink ribbon girl), to 13+ oz (yellow ribbon girl).

They are crawling around their whelping boxes at an amazing speed and incredible sense of direction, especially to be as yet unseeing and unhearing!  Their little noses have effectively sniffed out their mother’s nipples from the outset.  Each of their definitive personalities continue to develop by the day, already.  Since both the computer and Rosie’s whelping box are in the den, we hear lots of little puppy noises, from whining to contented moans, to fussing, growling,  and even downright little growlie barks!  Sometimes one emits a surprised-like or excited sound, but the noise that Carol hears often, with satisfaction (since she was a La Leche League Leader and a Breastfeeding Counselor), is the deep satiated sound of piggy grunts and suck-swallow-suck-swallow when Rosie’s milk lets down.

Lydia and Rosie continue to be ever vigilant moms.  Lydia actually is concerned and attempts to be vigilant over Rosie’s babies, also worrying over them when they cry or fuss!  Each often is reluctant to leave their children to go outside to potty, but sometimes it seems as if there’s less of an emergency to come straight back inside immediately. Each also continues to be waited on foot and foot, having their every need catered to, cooked for, fed several times a day, and Lydia Princess Pants being handfed often.

We will begin deworming next week and are looking forward to seeing little puppy eyes opening within the week, as well.

Fizz Kisses Trenton

Fizzy and our Grandson, Trenton, share some memorable moments on New Year’s Day.

Kailey, Trenton, Doodles

Our grandchildren, Kailey and Trenton get to visit with Rosie’s little Doodles!

One Week Birthday

See all of Rosie’s babies on their One Week Birthday!

Baby Eden and Rosie’s Doodles

Our granddaughter, Eden, brings the total to twelve babies!

Lydia’s Doodles One Week Old

Lydia’s sweethearts behave themselves for their One Week Old photo shoot.

Doodle Faces
Sweet Doodle Feet
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