Daily Doodle: January 19, 2011 – **TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!**

Little Baby Doodles are everywhere at our house!! Little Doodles are barking and fussing and rolling and playing and drinking and eating like little piggies!  Little Doodles are getting little sharp Doodle teeth in!  They’re wagging their tails and beginning to chew on Doodle toys and other little Doodles!  My goodness, they’re busy.  And when they’re not busy doing all these things, they’re busy sleeping and twitching while they dream little Doodlie dreams.

Rosie's Blue Ribbon Boy-3 1/2 Weeks

Rosie’s Blue Ribbon Boy has been nick-named Super Fly by the grown kids in the home.  He’s a bit of a jokester, playing well by himself, as well as with the others.

Rosie's Black Ribbon Boy

Rosie’s Black Ribbon Boy is playful and verbal.  He’s not demanding and likes to be in your lap.

Rosie's Red Ribbon Boy

Rosie’s Red Ribbon Boy is a feisty firecracker.  He interacts well, is vocal and a busy explorer.

Rosie's Baby Yarn Boy

Rosie’s Baby Yarn Boy is sweet, gentle and quiet.  He likes to cuddle in your lap, as well.  He plays well with his siblings.

Rosie's Red Yarn Boy

Rosie’s Red Yarn Boy is a busy, busy tail-wagger.  He focuses in on people and interacts with us verbally.

Rosie's Boys-3 1/2 Weeks

(Please stay tuned as we continue working on updating you on your own sweet Standard Goldendoodles.)

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