Daily Doodle: January 2, 2011 – CLICK HERE

My,  how quickly Standard Goldendoodle Puppies grow!!! Rosie, especially,  is eating more than any horse I’ve ever owned, yet remains  a ways from her pre-pregnant weight.  As for you ladies, I’ve asked over and again, vets and others, this question:  “WHY do dogs tend to lose weight during pregnancy, (which looks pretty thin after delivery) but women GAIN??” (And typically DO NOT appear thin after delivery!)  Something just doesn’t quite seem fair about that, does it?  Lydia, although never having been a really robust eater, like Rosie, is putting away her fair share of Carol’s home cooking, as well.  Lydia has always been, even in her puppyhood, a more serious, no-nonsense kind of girl and she mothers in that same way.  Rosie, on the other hand, typical of a Golden Retriever, is a more relaxed kind of mommy.  Much to our surprise, Rosie, who has eleven children to care for, still wants her stuffed toys and pays attention to them.  It’s so funny seeing her with a toy in front of her or in her mouth, when she has eleven puppies clamoring for her attention.  Oh, well…good for her!  She also still greatly enjoys her treats and rawhides.  Lydia can’t seem to be bothered with most of that.  She has more important things to attend to, you know!

Rosie, Mother of Eleven, Still Enjoys Her Toys

Your puppies are doing great! We are still in awe of all of the things they can do at eight days of age.  Truly they were born with an instinct to survive and survive well!

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