Daily Doodle: January 23, 2011 – ** TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE! **

At last!  For all you Doodle lovers who are waiting to see updates of Rosie’s and Lydia’s girls – here they are! These are their “four-week-old” pics, and LOOK at their cute little faces – so SWEET!!

Rosie's Light Pink Ribbon Girl

Rosie’s Light Pink girl is a very well rounded young lady.  She’s a sweet natured girl, but not pushy,although she was the first of twenty puppies to successfully make her way out of her whelping box!

Rosie's Dark Pink Ribbon Girl

Rosie’s Dark Pink Girl is a go-getter.  She tears into her toys and her food with gusto.  She already growls at her toys shakes them.  She’s quite vocal, as you may gather from some of our videos.

Rosie's Brown Ribbon Girl

Rosie’s Brown Ribbon Girl has such a cute face!  She, too is well balanced, neither too quiet (can there be such a thing?), nor too obnoxious.   She likes her siblings and likes her human family, but she’s OK apart from them for a bit, as well.

Rosie's Orange Ribbon Girl

Rosie’s Orange Ribbon Girl’s one word description would be “first”.  She was the first to peek open her little eyes, the first (13 days!!) to begin eating Rosie’s food, and she’s usually the first to jump on a new toy in her whelping box.  Yep, she’s a trailblazer.

Rosie's Yellow Ribbon Girl

Rosie’s Yellow Ribbon girl has a very sweet and considerate personality.  She sometimes waits to be noticed instead of rushing forward with the stampede.  She’s gentle and kind, but loves your company and your playtime with her.

Rosie's Purple Ribbon Girl

Rosie’s Purple Ribbon is the smallest of the litter.  Her coat color is so unique that we are having a hard time describing it.  It’s lighter than this photo depicts, yet interspersed, as well.  This girl is  contemplative and stares into your eyes soulfully.  She is mature and dainty.

Rosie's Girls-Four Weeks

Notice how Lydia’s little black Doodles are starting to get their beautiful, wavy curls!

Lydia's Light Pink Girl-4 Weeks

Lydia’s Light Pink is pleasant and plump! She plays hard, eats well and is happy to see her people, who are also happy to see this joyful little black Goldendoodle.

Lydia's Yellow Ribbon Girl

Lydia’s Yellow Ribbon carries the distinction of, not only being the smallest of Lydia’s litter, but also being the smallest of all twenty puppies! However, her style more than makes up for her size. Being nicknamed Speedy, she does everything in a hurry, and has always been ahead of the others in gross motor skills.

Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl

Lydia’s Purple Ribbon girl likes to cuddle in your lap and often prefers her humans to her siblings, although she still tumbles and plays with the other kids.  She’s sweet and sociable.

Lydia's Dark Pink Ribbon Girl

Lydia’s Dark Pink girl is so, so busy, that getting a pic of her awake is an act of Congress.  She has places to go and people to see – if her siblings are in her path, so what? But she’s kissy and sweet and inquisitive, once she’s finished with all that!

Lydia's Girls-4 Weeks

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