Daily Doodle: January 25, 2011 – **TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST – CLICK HERE! **

We can’t wait for all of you who have chosen your puppy to see them!  We are so excited, as we’re sure that you are!  The puppies are growing in body and in spirit and in puppy knowledge every day!  Moment by moment, we’re never sure what they will learn or do next.  Each puppy’s personality seems to shine through more and more as the days wear on.  Be sure and look over the last few day’s Daily Doodle posts to read about each puppy’s personality and character traits, if you haven’t done so already.  The pictures seem to need updating every few days, because the babies change so quickly!!

Rosie's Blue Ribbon Boy-4 1/2 Weeks

These little Goldendoodles have already outgrown the bowls that fit on our scales, so we can’t properly weigh them, but they have an appointment for their first well-puppy check soon.  We are thrilled to have been introduced to a kind-hearted vet who will come for farm calls, instead of having to haul all the puppies to our regular vet clinic, where they could be exposed to sickness and disease.  Oh, the gratitude we have for such an opportunity!  Although we typically do our own immunizations and wormings, Dr. Bowman includes the first immunization with a complete and thorough well-puppy check, as well as their first heart worm preventative.  All the kids are on schedule for their second de-worming Saturday.  All of your litttle guys and gals will be sent home with you with a clean bill of health and up to date on all appropriate preventions.

Rosie's Red Ribbon Boy 4 1/2 Weeks

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