Daily Doodle: January 4, 2011 – CLICK HERE

Sweet little Standard Goldendoodles eyes are starting to peek open today! Now, we’re really going to have some fun! It came about a little sooner that we suspected. What must they be thinking as they see the light of day for the first time?  They are all so funny and entertaining as make little baby noises – squeaks and squeals, groans, growls and barks!  My goodness, they’re certainly dramatic!

Lydia and Rosie seem to get a small case of cabin fever a little more often, now.  A couple of days ago, Rosie went out and just rubbed her sweet face in the snow and lay there for a while.  She’s not used to being inside in the heat all of the time and must be longing for a little space and freedom.  She is, however,  a very diligent and loving mommy, and lets us know in no uncertain terms that she must come in and attend to her children.  Lydia, too, seems to need  a small window of space and time fairly frequently.  However, she often gets out on the deck, and decides that she has made an ill-timed decision and asks to come back in instantly!

As we are receiving more and more interests and inquiries, we urge you to finalize your pick of your puppy and seal him or her with your deposit, as we are on a first-come basis as far as whom gets which puppy. As the days wear on, we will be able to ascertain more closely certain aspects of your babies’ personalities and talk with you more about that and any other questions that you may have.  It seems best to write them down as you think of them, so that when we talk you won’t forget any of them!

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing all the baby boys today!

Lydia’s Boys – Age 10 Days
Rosie’s Boys – 10 Days Old
Some of Rosie’s Boys

Also, Fizzy very much wanted you to admire his new doo, before he wrestles with his muddy Golden Retriever friends, Solomon and Mary:

Fizzie’s Proud of His New Doo
Can’t Touch This!
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