Daily Doodle: January 5, 2011 -**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!!**

Little Doodle eyes are beginning to peek open in Rosie’s litter! Her babies are growing so quickly that sometimes she just stands in her roomy whelping box as if there is nowhere to lay her mother-weary self down!  We then have to go put all the Baby Doodles in one lump, so that she feels as if she has enough room.  Lydia usually seems to be OK with the space that her children leave for her.  She also frequently moves from her whelping box.  Perhaps when her babies are all sleeping, she’s a little bored.

We’re having a good time socializing your Goldendoodles, thank you!  They’re sweet and cuddly and mouthing our fingers and faces,  noses and ears.  And they have that distinctive puppy breath smell that true puppy lovers enjoy.

It’s been interesting to see how these different moms react to new people.  Lydia, true to form, is a little cautious until she sees that the stranger means no harm.  After that assurance, Lydia is fine, even with the new-comer handling her children. Rosie, true to Golden Retriever form is happy to see most anyone.  Today, we had an acquaintance with her two daughters, ages ten and eleven, in our home.  Rosie was absolutely, tail-wagging happy to see those children! They were right at Rosie’s  box and all of her little Doodle babies, but Rosie was as thrilled and hospitable as could be! What great personality these sweet Golden’s have!

During Doodle Puppy photo shoots, Lydia may typically wander out just to check to see what’s going on.  Rosie, in the same room, stays in her spot, but periodically barks quietly or lowly growls her concern.  Meanwhile, she patiently and trustingly waits till you bring her children back safe and sound.

Eyes Beginning to Open – Hello World!

Here a few pics for those of you wanting little girls:  (Notice all the nice color variations in Rosie’s girls, and you will see even more when you look at her sons.)

Rosie’s Little Girls – Eleven Days Old
Three of Rosie’s Girls – Eleven Days Old
Two of Lydia’s Baby Girls – Eleven Days Old
Lydia’s Other Two Sweet Girls-Eleven Days Old
Lydia Makes Sure

We have been especially blessed to have so many different colors of F1 Standard Goldendoodles from these two litters for all to choose from!

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