Daily Doodle: January 9, 2011 – **TO VIEW THIS DAYS PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!**

Our F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies are moving along so quickly!  Lydia’s babies weights are ranging from one lb, thirteen oz (yellow ribbon girl) to two lbs, five oz (light pink ribbon girl).  Rosie’s babies are ranging from two lbs, five oz, (blue ribbon boy), to a whopping three lbs, four oz (dark pink ribbon girl).  They have started the “eye opening” process.

Eyes Opening
Rosie’s Babies Get a Peek at the World

They have mostly graduated from crawling to walking, (well, OK, toddling).  On Friday, Carol glanced into Rosie’s whelping box and thought someone had blindly wandered her way into Rosie’s plate of canned food,  but quickly discovered that Orange Ribbon Girl was face and paw planted into the plate on purpose and scarfing down the food like a piggy!


  • First Food
    Solomon & Lydia’s Boy-Two Weeks Old
  • Rosie’s Two-Week Old’s
    Sweet Babies
    Lydia’s Sweetie-Two Weeks Old
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