Meet our Dads

Lydia’s King Solomon – Golden Retriever -Whelped in Elliston, Virginia

Lydia’s King Solomon

Solomon was our first Golden Retriever and our first future dad.  His presence has been both a joy and a blessing to us all.  His physical appearance and his carriage are a delight to observe.  Solomon’s paternal grandparents are  Russian and Romanian.  As you see from his photos,  and from his dad’s photos, (in our Gallery),  Solomon, as well as his dad, took on the qualities of the English Goldens in coat color as well as body type.  He is built lower, more heavily bodied, with a blocky head and a cream colored coat.

When Solomon is excited, his entire body, (except for his head), wags – hard. He is smiley and happy all over!  He’s always in a joyful mood with his humans, and even though his canine girls rule over him, he takes it all in good stride.  We all enjoy just watching him, as he is always game for anything.  To Solomon, everything is a good idea and lots of fun – plus, he looks great doing it!  Solomon enjoys water passionately.  From his kiddie pool, as a puppy (see Gallery), where he controlled the water hose, to the Little River, Solomon will often be found in the water.  He stretched out in his pool every day in the warmer, (and no so warm) weather, as he serenely surveyed his girls.  Even at over 70 pounds, Solomon still has not gotten over being a lap dog, which makes for humorous and interesting sit-down visits with him! With Solomon’s fun loving and people loving personality and his extraordinarily handsome presence, his babies will be irresistible!

Baby Solomon Goes Home
After a Romp in the Mud
King Solomon

Plenty of Fizz to Go Around – Standard Poodle – Whelped in Wytheville, Virginia

Plenty of Fizz To Go Around

Plenty of Fizz to Go Around

Fizzy is our newest future Dad-to-Be.  His first litter is on its way!  A Standard Poodle,  Fizz is a year old.  Fizz continues to sport his extremely gangly,  large puppy gait.  We laugh as we watch him running, legs all askew in all directions, loose and floppy, even as he gallops haphazardly through the yard.  He, like Mary, is sure that everyone is his very best friend, and he is the only one that can rival Mary in his passion for lengthy play/annoy sessions, even if no one else is in the mood. The others have been patient and kind with his childish antics, but we foresee that coming to a hasty end!  On Fizz’s registration papers, he is stated as a cream, but this in no way does justice to describing his unusual coat coloring.  Indeed, there may be some cream color there, but there is also tan and a nice set of angel wings, as well.  Fizz’s dad is Tanner, a true red and his mom is Cinder, a black.  We can’t wait to see what all of these color combinations will bring us in his lovely Doodle children!

Fizzy is very excited about his humans, too!  His joy is readily evident, as is his desire to keep company with the family.  His happy face and wagging tail and little “nibble kisses” cause us to feel very welcome, indeed.  He is kind and loving to us, while still retaining his rights to behave like the puppy that he is.  As we told him this morning, “You’re just the nicest dog!” As Fizzy matures further into adulthood and some of the precious baby-like behaviors follow suit, we believe that he will be a very complimentary suitor for our ladies for some very fine F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies.

Fizz – “Can’t Touch This!”

Fizz 5 1/2 Months Old

Spring on the Little River, Floyd County, Virginia

Fizzy - 8 1/2 Months

My Loving, Large Good Friend!

Good Friends-Mom & Fizz

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