Meet our Moms

Lydia-Early Spring 2011

Lydia is our elegant, smaller Standard Poodle.  She’s very “just so” and is probably the ultimate “CEO” of the others.  Her haughty gait speaks worlds about her attitude concerning herself.  Lydia is described as “pretty” or “beautiful”, rather than “cute”.  As you browse our Gallery, you will see Lydia’s top quality parents – your puppy’s grandparents.  Lydia loves people and wants to interact with you, always maintaining perfect good will, still retaining her independence to a degree – a very nice balance.

On Christmas Day, 2010, Lydia delivered nine healthy F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies – six blacks, three creams.  All Doods were healthy, happy and full of the joy of living.

As the time comes for Lydia’s next heat, we will carefully evaluate her to ascertain whether or not it would be appropriate for her to carry out gestation and laction at that time.  We expect her heat cycle to return approximately in April.  We will keep you posted.

Addendum:  April 28, 2011 – Lydia’s heat has already passed, and we did not breed her this time around.  Our full intention is to breed her for next heat and you will be the first to know when all of that comes about!

Lydia, also known as “Little Miss Princess Pants”

Lydia Comes Home

Lovely Lydia


King Solomon’s Little River Rosie – Golden Retriever – Whelped in Dublin, Virginia

Little River Rosie

Rosie is one of our exceptionally lovely Golden Retriever moms.  She came to us shy and reticent, but very quickly worked her way up the ranks to “Second in Command”.  She is very ambitious about assisting Lydia in her endeavor to run the entire operation efficiently.  Our property is every Golden Retriever’s dream home, as we are riverfront on the Little River, in scenic Floyd County, Virginia.  Each time Rosie accompanied us into the river to play and fetch, she graduated a step further…the first trip, getting in up to her ankles and simply standing. Each playtime, she was more comfortable going in deeper, yet still just watching and learning from the others.  Finally, she followed them to retrieve whatever was tossed, but did not attempt to retrieve the object herself.  At last, one Sunday afternoon, Rosie took charge of the whole show, and has been in charge ever since!  We were happy to see how much our love and attention made a difference in her life and personality.

Rosie is gentle and sweet-natured with us.  She is very easy to love. What tremendous babies she  produces!  She, also, delivered her Doodle kids on Christmas Day, 2010.    With Rosie’s gracious, humble and loyal personality, and Tanner’s no-shed coat, high level of intelligence and their “fun to be around” personalities, her babies are  among the finest.

Addendum:  April 28, 2011 – As of this writing, we expect Rosie’s heat to show at any moment.  She is in top shape and weight and ready to be bred.  ILoveGoldendoodles will inform you immediately when our next litter of exceptional quality F1 Standard Goldendoodles are due.


Rosie - Spring 2011

Rosie-Queen of Retrievers

Regal Little River Rosie

Regal Rosie in Little River

King Solomon’s Marigold – Golden Retriever – Whelped in Laurel Fork, Virginia

King Solomons' Marygold

Marygold (Mary) is, and always has been a beauty, joy and delight to all who know her!   She came home to her loving and blessed family here on the Little River, a young puppy from the mountains of Laurel Fork, where she was under the watch-care of a family with three little girls, who had appointed themselves the joyful, loving, and energetic  primary care-givers of little Mary, her mother and her siblings.  They were 100% positive that sweet Mary and her littermates were the absolute best things to ever grace that little community.

What a Cutie!

Here, as a puppy, Mary would often accompany Tim as he checked on his honeybees and did other various chores.  She had enormous fun running and exploring the woods, creek, horse and donkey in the pasture, chickens, and all manner of exciting “country girl” activities.  Tim would invariable return, Mary in tow, with some cute or funny tale of her antics as they went about their chores during their special time together.  Mary knows that we all are her friends, and she surely is a very good friend to have!

Mary adores her humans, as well as her canine friends.  As is typical of a Golden, she is loving and kindhearted toward all people.   She always has a ready kiss, a wagging tail and an humble spirit,  and she wins the prize for the most velvety muzzle and the most soulful golden-brown eyes.  We eagerly look ahead to the time when she and Fizz begin their own lovely family.

Mary Dogpaddles

Puppy Mary Barrels On In

Mary Gangbusters!

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