Daily Doodle: December 24, 2010

Doodle Foot

(This page is a continuation and addendum to the dated posts on our “Available Puppies” page)

December 24, 2010 – Rosie, our Golden Retriever, is still hanging on to those pups!  Her temperature is hovering a little above 99 degrees.  As I write this  post, she is lying close by, attempting to nap, and she sounds like a very slow train chugging up a very large hill!  She is full to the bursting point and almost every move seems laborious – even to the point of not wanting to get up to go out and potty in the morning after having held it all night!  She is now very familiar with her whelping box and is spending lots of time there on soft, flannel sheets, with her toys and treats, food and water – right in the den! Tim suggests to her each night at bedtime that perhaps this would be a good time to go ahead and have a few Goldendoodle puppies while she’s there!!  Surely, it can’t be much longer!

Very Pregnant Rosie Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve - Ready to Deliver

Lydia, our Standard Poodle, also is very heavy.  Because she has such a dainty frame, and because she was just groomed on Wednesday, ( “Oh, my goodness!  I’d better get my hair done now, because it’ll be hard to tell how long after the children are born till I can get it done again!  And just think, all those people will  see me when they come to see my babies…” Pre-baby thing, you know…).  That being said, after her haircut, you can REALLY see just how much tummy she has.  She seems a little less burdened at this point, than Rosie, but her babies are due now, too!  Lydia, however, has not taken as readily to her whelping box, as Rosie, but instead, prefers to mill about the house, getting into this and that.  Oh well, I suppose it will be more attractive when she is in the throes of labor!

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