The Daily Doodle: April 11, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE**!!

Guess Who?

Today’s featured F1 Standard Goldendoodle is a beautiful little boy from Lydia’s litter.  He was “Lydia’s Red Ribbon Boy” until his new family found him and gave him his forever name.  If you know us well, you know this little fellow, who is pretending to be a bat in this pic, is Stanton.

Stanton, who went from being a Floyd County, Virginia  country boy, to a big city boy, is much loved and appreciated by his family and we are so very glad for both of them!

City Boy Stanton

About her recent newest family member, Stanton’s mom says, ” Stanton’s been easy to train and he knows the basics like sit, down, touch, stay, leave it, relax (lay on side), high 5, shake, and our proudest trick is still that he rings the poochie bells to go potty.  Our favorite new trick that we taught him is “bang” where he lies on his back belly up”:

Mom also tells us, “He still eats lying down with his head in his bowl, and he loves being chased by the vacuum cleaner like his siblings.  He also loves to sleep with his head on our feet and regularly naps with his head on Andy’s feet during the work day.  We love it when he stretches his hind legs out all the way, and our favorite look is his “inquisitive” look where he moves his head from side to side when he hears a weird noise…”

“He’s around 24 pounds now and still has that cute puppy look.  Stanton’s face is more golden retriever like and people constantly gush over his white goatee and white thunderbolt on his chest.”

The ILoveGoldendoodles family always adores seeing and hearing about our former little Doods.   When I asked about his “Poochie Bells”,  we learned,

“They’re just regular bells attached to a ribbon that you can hang onto the doorknob.  They might be a little annoying at the beginning because Stanton kept playing with them at first and we would have to get up to let him out every single time he rang the bell.  He figured it out pretty quickly though.  We actually had to taper down how often we treat him for using the Pet Loo because we think he started rationing out his pee and would go out there all the time just to get a treat, haha!”

We always knew Goldendoodles were way too smart…

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