The Daily Doodle: April 15, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE**!!


Look at this handsome young Goldendoodle!  Isn’t he fine?  You probably remember that Sydney was Lydia’s Black Ribbon boy, one of the three cream boys in her Christmas Day litter.

When Sydney went home to his new family, it was on Valentine’s Day, and a surprise for his precious new sisters.

Happy Sisters, Happy Sydney

Sydney’s mom tells us, “Sydney is growing up FAST! I think he has lost most of his puppy fur at this point and now he just looks fit & trim. He LOVES going for walks, uses his feet almost like hands to play and we discovered he is quite a good soccer player, (no kidding) even if he does keep switching teams! He has learned to “sit” and we are working on “stay” and “come” but we have work to do there. It’s hard to believe how smart he is, especially when he wraps himself around a tree 3 times while on the lead. Nonetheless, he is VERY smart! He has started sitting by the back door when he needs to go out. We have very few accidents at this point. Syd’s 4 month check up is next week and we expect he will check out just perfect again. He is gaining about 6 pounds every month and was up to 22 at our last check up. He LOVE’s rawhide bones and all of his treats obviously!”

“Unfortunately, Syd can’t crawl up into our laps quite as easily any more but he still tries. He’s a VERY loving little thing and we feel so fortunate to have him :) .”

What a blessing it is for us to receive your loving reports and pictures!  We thank you, thank you for being such fine Doodle parents and thank you, Sydney’s family, for loving him.

Melba and Sydney

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