The Daily Doodle: April 4, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POSTS-CLICK HERE!!**

Jubal's Doodle Nose

It’s a good thing we didn’t have a digital camera around when my kids were small, or I would have caught very few cute or funny pictures or little baby smiles.  By the time the camera decides to adjust its focus,  all is well and conditions are perfect, the moment that you wanted to capture forever was over long ago!

We have a pretty bad case of  “Dwindling Doodles” around here!  Lydia’s little Purple Ribbon Girl will be leaving to go to her adoptive forever home on Saturday.  It’s always a bittersweet time for us.

Sophie-Formerly Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl

We will miss her beautiful little face and her forever wagging tail and her great attitude concerning all things, all the while acknowledging that this is the moment that you have been preparing for, while raising, training, feeding, vetting and, most of all, loving these precious little baby Doods.  All of the emails, website updates, phone calls,  advertising, caring for the parents, unending messes, carrying in and out of puppies… it really comes down to this… very loved and very special little F1 Standard Goldendoodle puppies finding the family that they love and that loves them so, being a forever best friend and family member for life…happy and satisfied puppies and adoptive parents… We thank all of you who bring us continuous updates on your sweet Doodles with pictures, stories, phone calls etc.  They always bring rounds of smiles and joy to our home, as we are sure that your little sweethearts do to yours.  Oh, if you only knew the excitement in our home and the thrill that we experience when we receive those pictures and updates!

Below, you may watch our video of our last little F1 Standard Goldendoodle to be adopted.  This little girl was the smallest of Lydia’s litter, in fact, was the smallest of all of the twenty Doodles of both litters.  As of our last weighing,  she had bumped on up to second smallest.  Little Yellow Ribbon is a kind and humble little soul.  She is always, without fail, the most patient and gentle of all.  When treats are being handed out, she always sits quietly and obediently without a word from me, except for a lot of “Good Girl!” comments.  She waits faithfully for her turns, no matter how long it may take to get to her, although I try to reward her good behavior often and well, even when the others are being the “squeaky wheels”!  She is a very, very sweet puppy.

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