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Koufax Learns to Fetch

Today, we wanted to spotlight Koufax in our post.  You may remember that Koufax is formerly Rosie’s Red Ribbon boy.  Looking back at pictures from the early days and weeks after their Christmas Day birth, you will see that Koufax was the darkest Doodle in the litter – dark red!  According to his mommy, he has lightened up a bit, and we can see hints of that in his gorgeous photos.

Koufax and the Giraffe

Says Koufax’s mommy, “As you can see, he’s starting to catch onto the concept behind fetch, which is great because his energy is growing as much as he is- it’s a great way to tire out the ‘puppy crazies’ as we call them (his other favorite puppy crazy moves include running in circles around everything, the bed, the yard, other dogs).  He is so much fun.  My 3 year old niece calls him her best friend, so cute.  He’s already up to 30 pounds!  Hard to believe there was only 17 pounds of him when we took him home.  His training is going great, and he’s completely house trained.  He does still like to snuggle, which is our favorite.”

“He has mastered the ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’ commands, and we are working hard on the ‘come’ command, even outside where there are so many smells and sticks contending with us for his attention.  In addition, we’ve introduced ‘stay’ and ‘leave it’ and are trying to help him figure out the basics of fetch (which is harder than we were expecting!).  We’ve also been focusing hard on socialization, exposing him to all sorts of (safe) sights, sounds, places…”

“My 3 year old niece was particularly smitten with him (as all young kids are with puppies) and she played with him constantly.  He did wonderfully with her, and did not use his sharp little puppy teeth to nip at her in play like he does with us (another thing we are working at eliminating completely!).  After watching him be so patient and gentle with the little girls, I know that everything I’ve heard about how great goldendoodles are with kids is 100% true.  Needless to say, both the puppy and the 3 year old, slept hard at nap time and at night time!”

Koufax 13 Weeks

Thanks, guys, for the wonderful updates on Koufax.

Watch for our other former little Doods to be showcased on future Daily Doodles.

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