The Daily Doodle: April 7, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE**!!

Today was a beautiful spring-like day in Floyd County, Virginia!  On these types of days, still few and far between, we sometimes make the time to take a short walk down our gravel, riverside road, while teaching a puppy or two to walk on their leash in at least a semi-mannerly way of going!

Jubal Leash Training

We’re very blessed to live on the Little River on this gravel road!  Very blessed, indeed.  However, there are a few other families who live within walking distance, who love to walk or bike or whatever, past our home, and we have several family members who live here “on guard”!  If someone inside first spots the intruder and begins the bark brigade, then whomever is outside takes up the call, and soon EVERYONE is teaming up to bark away the offending party AND the offending party’s dog… or dogs.  This often happens several times a day, and one particularly zealous fellow makes more than one trip a day on a regular basis.  My very smart Schnoodles – precious and beloved Pepper, who has passed away, and now, Scamp, continue their post after the offenders have made one trip up the road, because they know that who goes up the road, must soon come back down and they’re on full alert, loaded and ready for that momentous event to occur.  And you know what?  This defensive canine technique is always effective.  So far, every intruder who has dared to walk, jog, or bike down that gravel, riverside road, has left.  Every single one.  Therefore, each and every barking family member here is certain and sure that they, have indeed, completed their job, and kept this place stranger-free.

However, it’s important to notate that the Golden Retriever’s here, really don’t mind – in fact, enjoy,  their company, a lot – when someone really does have the audacity to actually come up the drive or into the yard.  And so do the Standard Poodles… and the Goldendoodles… OK, almost everyone is happy to see company coming, including Scampy.  I say “almost everyone”, because of our precious little six year old Schnauzer, Naomi.  Naomi definitely feels as though she is Miss Head Honcho Barky.  I would, however,  be remiss in not mentioning one UPS guy  whom Mary is slightly suspicious of.  Fortunately, another  UPS guy, who adores dogs, always brings mounds of large doggie treats for them all, so perhaps he will redeem all UPS guys everywhere, eventually, in Mary’s eyes.

King Solomon's Marygold aka Mary

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