The Daily Doodle: February 15, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-**CLICK HERE!!**

Busy, busy busy!!!  The first five little Standard Goldendoodle puppies went home on Saturday!  Lilly, Sandi, Waffles, Loxie, and Brody all made their first Doodle Trek with their “pleased as punch” families.  On Sunday, little Macy and sweet Sunny finally got to go to their loving homes.  Sydney hit the high road bright and early Monday morning to joyfully romp into his happy family’s hearts and lives.  This week-end we will send another licking, loving group of sweet baby Doods off with their excited families.  We have had all good and happy reports, and we are as glad as the new families, themselves!  It proudly brings us joy and gladness with each new story, each new or funny event and we talk and laugh and smile at all of our new friends’ tales several times over.  Yes, we are so glad and so pleased and excited for you all.  Thank you all – Doodles and families alike.

Before very much longer, I wish to bring you wonderful pictures of these sweet families and their beautiful babies as they make their way out of our home and life, and into their new adoptive one’s. Perhaps it will be here, in the Daily Doodle, where we most often meet, or perhaps on a new page.  I’ll let you know.

It is with some bitter-sweetness that I bring to you my dwindling group of growing little Goldendoodles.  They are getting so big and strong and clever! (Fast, too!  Why, it must have been only yesterday that I spoke to you of them beginning to toddle clumsily around!)  These little guys are slightly over seven weeks, now.  Take a look at how they’ve grown and changed.  First, though, I was particularly amused when I looked out my kitchen window yesterday and saw Rosie lolling about lazily, seemingly basking in her new-found freedom from those pesky kids!

Rosie-Post Babies

Please see my post for February 16, 2011 to view pics of the Doodles that are still with us.  Some of these kids have already been spoken for in adoption, some are awaiting their new families to choose them and take them to their forever homes.

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