The Daily Doodle: February 16, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST- **CLICK HERE!!**

Today was a nice enough day, sunny and not so cold, that the twelve little Doodles were able to go out and play for a couple of fun hours.  Boy, the things they can think of to do in a medium sized fenced back yard!! There was Uncle Scampy, our precious little Schnoodle, lots of puppy toys, lots of dirt and lots of deep holes – legacies began by our big boys and girls, and that, now, their progeny have taken the baton to run with,  and contribute to, themselves!  There’s all the chickens just on the other side of the fence, and there’s Mary, Lydia, Rosie, Solomon and Fizzy to associate with through the fence.

Let me tell you, that when it’s time for the baby Doods to come back inside, we liken it to forcing your poor little toddlers to leave the park long before they’re ready!  Such crying and fussing and yelling you have never heard.  My goodness!

That said, let’s look at the Standard Goldendoodles at seven weeks of age.

"Jubal" (Formerly Rosie's Baby Yarn Boy) ADOPTION PENDING

"Koufax" (Formerly Rosie's Red Ribbon Boy) ADOPTED

"Raleigh" Rosie's Black Ribbon Boy ADOPTED

Rosie's Blue Ribbon Boy ADOPTED

"Brooke" (Formerly Rosie's Orange Ribbon Girl) ADOPTED

"Stanton" (Formerly Lydia's Red Ribbon Boy) ADOPTED

"Bryan" - Formerly Lydia's Blue Ribbon Boy ADOPTED

"Charlie??" Formerly Lydia's Brown Ribbon Boy ADOPTED

Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl (Waiting for Her Family)

Lydia's Light Pink Girl (Waiting for Her Family)

"Coco" - Formerly Lydia's Dark Pink Ribbon Girl ADOPTED

Lydia's Yellow Ribbon Girl (Adoption Pending)

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