The Daily Doodle: February 2, 2011-TO VIEW THIS DAYS PICS AND POST-**CLICK HERE!!**

Now that your F1 Standard Goldendoodle Puppies are 5 1/2 weeks old, they are behaving just like what typically probably comes into your mind, when you think “puppy”!  They are at that “oh, so cute!” stage – running (yes, running) and bouncing, pouncing (each other and other things, too!),  and tail wagging, and barking (lots of barking).  Then there’s the eating like a large horse thing and what goes in, must come out thing.  Oh, yes, and the chewing – chewing with what must be hundreds or thousands of sharp needles. They like their toys, like each other (usually), like us, and are generally a congenial group of cute sweeties!  When you are in their territory, you and everything that you are wearing or carrying, is fair game.  And they usually win – at least at first, especially if you happen to be the only person close by.  Have you ever tried to keep eleven lively puppies from going anywhere?  How ’bout nine lively puppies?  It’s pretty much the same.  They outnumber you, out energize you, out enthuse you, outsmart you, they’re younger than you…  It’s actually sometimes kinda funny – momentarily.  One of Rosie’s kids made me smile today when it was just me and the Doods.  They were being sort of quiet in their play area, and when I walked toward them, one that had her little head lying down facing me, thumped her tail on the floor a few times – just like a real dog! (New parents of Rosie’s Orange Ribbon Girl, aka, Brooke – you know who  you are – I think that was your little one!)

We are looking forward to seeing Dr. Karen Bowman, who is scheduled to come for a farm call on Friday to do thorough well-puppy checks, begin immunizations, heartworm preventative ect.  And on Saturday, we look forward to meeting more new adoptive parents, as I am sure that they are so excited to get to meet their new family members!

Keep checking periodically in the Daily Doodle and on our YouTube spot.  Although I probably won’t be able to send as much through as before, I’ll do my very best to keep you in the loop.

I wanted to get you started on taking a peek at our little Doodles’ five week old pics.  We’ll see how far we get.  First, bear with me while I show you a couple of other really sweet pics:

Rosie's Dark Pink Ribbon Girl and Kira

Happy Trenton & Happy Black Doodle Girl

Now, aren’t they so cute?

OK – Doodle lovers – Here ya go -


Lydia's Blue Ribbon Boy-5 Weeks

Lydia's Orange Ribbon Boy, aka "Brody" ADOPTED

Lydia's Red Ribbon Boy aka "Stanton" ADOPTED

Lydia's Brown Ribbon Boy 5 Weeks

Lydia's Black Ribbon Boy aka "Sydney" ADOPTED

Back soon, friends!  Lots of doggies are bored and ready to be fed !!

Here we are again!  It’s 11:32 pm and for now all the babies are resting.  Remember how you felt when you finally got the kids down for a nap or in bed for what you hoped was the night?


Rosie's Red Ribbon Boy aka "Kaufax" ADOPTED

Rosie's Red Yarn Boy aka "Waffles" ADOPTED

Rosie's Black Ribbon Boy-5 Weeks

Rosie's Blue Ribbon Boy-5 Weeks

Rosie's Baby Yarn Boy-5 Weeks

Maybe we will have time to update all the little girls tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “The Daily Doodle: February 2, 2011-TO VIEW THIS DAYS PICS AND POST-**CLICK HERE!!**”

  1. Kelley Glen says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures and including our little boys name, Sydney. My husband is from Australia and our 12 1/2 year old Golden is named “Melba” for Melbourne. Your web site is fabulous and so informative. Love it!

  2. Sara says:

    Rosie’s Red Ribbon Boy’s name is Koufax and we cannot wait to meet him on Saturday. Thanks so much Carol!

  3. top dog says:

    Dear Kelley,

    Thanks so much for your comment. You’ve been a joy to work with. We love it when our adoptive parents are SO excited about their new family member. So far, everyone has been! Thanks for your comment on the site. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun. Wish I had more time to keep it up!!

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