The Daily Doodle: February 22, 1011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST, CLICK HERE!!**

I haven’t forgotten you fellow Doodler’s!  Between getting ready for new families to get their babes, then having happy new families in to pick up their Goldendoodle puppies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, doing lot’s of Doodle phone things, etc, etc… well, there’s just no time.  Yesterday was a vet day and a Pet Smart day and a Doodle day (Ha!  Everyday is Doodle Day!) .  Today, we were out all day on Dood business… So, see, you’re not forgotten!  This post may not make a moment’s sense – it’s close to 11:00 pm and my four hours worth of sleep wore out long ago!!!



Mary, Lydia, Rosie

It’s time for eight week old pics! Katie is working on them now.  Perhaps by tomorrow, we’ll have some for you all to see.  Since our Doodles are dwindling, there will be less of them, but I hope to soon have the time to post the pictures of our baby Doods going home for you to enjoy.

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