The Daily Doodle: February 25, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!!**

It’s time for the fourth Doodle de-wormings and second immunizations, already!! It’s also time for three more of our Standard Goldendoodles to go home with their very happy families this week-end.  Bryan,  Stanton and Rosie’s Blue Ribbon boy are all headed home!

Just before time for nine week old pics to be made, perhaps I’ll finally be able to show you the eight week old pics.  It’s kind of amazing to go back and look at the photos that were made just several short weeks ago, and see all of the differences in these little guys.

The legacy of the yard holes left by the parents continues to be carried on by the children diligently and faithfully!  It’s sort of funny…but sort of not.  Did you ever read the children’s book, “The Digging-est Dog”?  Well, we HAVE the “Digging-est Dogs”.  One day this past week, one of Lydia’s little kids was in one of the holes in the back yard that is closest to China, digging away.  Funny thing was, that from the behind, all I could see was the tip of a tail! Everything else was completely submerged! I really needed a pic of that for you guys to enjoy, but it was not to be.  Other times, we look out of the window to see the tail end of a dog poking up out of one of the holes, and clouds of dirt from the formerly dry ground flying up behind him at an amazing rate of speed.  Occasionally, we’re sure to the point of near panic that we’ve “lost” a puppy.  Upon further agitated inspection, we find that a few have all lumped together in one sizeable hole for a nap.  Perhaps only one is napping there, completely hidden in the cavern produced by the efforts of the entire family.

Look now at these cute little hole diggers!

Lydia's Yellow Ribbon Girl-Waiting for Her Family

Stanton - 8 weeks ADOPTED

Bryan-8 Weeks ADOPTED

Rosie's Blue Ribbon Boy-8 Weeks ADOPTED

Jubal-8 Weeks ADOPTED

Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl (Waiting for Her Family)

Purple Ribbon is very much her mother’s daughter!  This Black Standard F1 Goldendoodle has Lydia’s very distinctive and beautiful eyes.  She also has quite a bit of her mom’s agility and “Princess” attitude.  She loves to be with her human family, but is not overly clingy and enjoys her time with her siblings. Little Miss Purple Ribbon will be a best friend and family member who will bring joy to your heart an home.

Lydia's Light Pink Ribbon Girl-Adoption Pending

Light Pink Ribbon girl, also a Black Standard Goldendoodle, is a larger, calmer sweetheart.  She seem to have some tendency toward “alpha puppy”!  She’s able to be independent, really enjoys her toys and roughhousing with her siblings.  Lydia’s Light Pink is a proficient explorer who will both be a blessing as well as sweetly receiving the love that you and your family have to offer her.

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