The Daily Doodle: February 3, 2011-TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-**CLICK HERE!!**

I feel certain, especially after this afternoon, that I own around 87% of Pet Smart.  I am surely, at least, their preferred customer or customer of the year… I already boast of being preferred client at my veterinarian’s office.  Yep, I’m getting quite the reputation.  Oh, well.  At least the puppy’s are enjoying their new toys and bowls and their massive quantities of food.

"Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone...?"

Tomorrow, the Doods will get their first experience with vet checks, immunizations, heartworm preventative, etc.  We are waiting proudly to present these beautiful, funny, and personable little Doodles for Dr. Bowman’s close inspection and enjoyment, and can’t wait to hear what all she has to say.  We’ll keep you posted, as we know that you, too, are  anxiously awaiting to hear about each of your little sweeties.

Since it’s only two days until the Goldendoodle’s six week birthday, I thought I’d make a serious attempt to try and finish getting their five week pics posted.


Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl-5 Weeks

Lydia's Dark Pink Ribbon Girl-5 Weeks

Lydia's Yellow Ribbon Girl-5 Weeks

Lydia's Light Pink Girl-5 Weeks


Rosie's Orange Ribbon Girl aka "Brooke" ADOPTED

Rosie's Yellow Ribbon Girl aka "Sandi" ADOPTED

Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl aka "Lilly" ADOPTED

Rosie's Light Pink Ribbon Girl-5 Weeks

Rosie's Brown Ribbon Girl-aka ? ADOPTED

Rosie's Dark Pink Ribbon Girl-5 Weeks

Well, we have a very busy schedule this week-end (OK, every day, but especially this week-end).  Besides meeting our farm-call veterinarian on Friday, we’ll be getting ready for “visitation day” on Saturday, when some of our new friends and some of our new mommy’s and daddy’s are coming to see us and their new babies!

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