The Daily Doodle: February 8, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-**CLICK HERE!!**

More and more little baby Doodles have loving adoptive families who are SO excited!  And we are so excited and happy for them and for their Goldendoodle puppies.  These blessed families can’t wait to get their little darlin’s home.  Right now, they are picking Doodle names, picking Doodle toys and bowls and food and all the fun-happy things that you do when you are expecting a new baby!  The excitement and anticipation are sometimes just too much.  Some are missing sleep – and are happy about it!

Saturday will be the first day that some of our little fellas begin their trek to their forever homes.  Some are going to Richmond, Virginia and Yorktown, Virginia.  One little guy is going to Virginia Beach, and one to Waynesboro, Virginia.  Another lucky little boy is going home to his fourteen year old twins in Forrest, Virginia.  One of Lydia’s little cuties will be leaving Valentine’s Day to go to his family.  Wow!  What a Valentine’s Day for that happy family!

Next week-end others will begin their journeys, as well.  We hope to have pictures of most of the Doodles and their families for you to enjoy.

Check out the beginnings of our six week old birthday pics.  My, what a long way these Doods have come in a short time.  If you look over some of the older posts and pics, you might be a little surprised at the enormous changes.

Stanton (Lydia's Red Ribbon Boy) ADOPTED

Brody (Lydia's Orange Ribbon Boy) ADOPTED

Sydney (Lydia's Black Ribbon Boy) ADOPTED

Lydia's Blue Ribbon Boy ADOPTED

Lydia's Brown Ribbon Boy (Waiting for His Family!)

Stay tuned in for more six week birthday pics, fellow Doodle lovers!

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