The Daily Doodle: February 9, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST **CLICK HERE!!**

OK, these Dood’s are really starting to ask loudly for their new mommy’s and daddy’s.  Very loudly!  They are full of boundless energy and just can’t wait to expend it in all sorts of creative ways with their new families!  They are the picture of health and exuberance and they’re learning and growing every day.

Today, one of Rosie’s kids was sleeping with her head on/in the water bowl.  The water was so close to her nose, so we watched closely to see what would happen.   She did OK for a bit, then we saw a little air bubble in the water.  Just as we were about to intervene, she changed her position.

Rosie’s Light Pink Ribbon girl perfected her squeaky toy routine today – which was great, except for the fact that all the other puppies were having a peaceful nap!  She then heard the donkey braying through the kitchen window, and stopped her squeaking long enough to listen and turn her head sideways with a quizzical look.  All of you doggie people, you know that look!

As for Miss Lydia’s young one’s, it has become quickly apparent that they have inherited from both parents the penchant and the ability to leap and jump like so many bunnies.  Lydia is able to perform amazing feats of beautifully leaping over, crawling through, scooting under, or whatever it takes for her to move about from one place to another that she should not be.  We are always mouth open amazed as we watch her latest escape, in spite of Tim’s never ending quest to put an end to her antics.

Solomon, on the other hand, utilizes his leaping ability almost exclusively for butterfly chasing and the like.  Oh, the many times we have amusingly watched this low-to-the-ground, heavy bodied fellow appear so ballerina-like as he runs and leaps skyward (OK, skyward for Solomon), chasing whatever fluttering creature that happens by.  It is a sight to behold – much like a Sumo wrestler attempting Swan Lake.

That being said, it should come as no surprise that their children are hopping up and down, comparable to most any bouncing creature that your imagination may conjure up, as they boing straight up into the air, whether for a purpose or no.  Tonight, Lydia’s little Yellow Ribbon Girl actually jumped into Katie’s arms from a standing position.

We know that all of you guys who have adopted Goldendoodle puppies are looking so forward to experiencing all of the cute things and joys of your new puppy and we can’t wait to hear YOU tell US about them!

Here are more six week birthday pics for you to enjoy.

Lydia's Dark Pink Ribbon Girl-6 Weeks

Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl-6 Weeks

Lydia's Light Pink Ribbon Girl-6 Weeks

Lydia's Yellow Ribbon Girl-6 Weeks

We’ll try and get Rosie’s babie’s pics updated next time.

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