The Daily Doodle: January 28, 2011-TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST – CLICK HERE!

Tomorrow our Standard Goldendoodle puppies get to start meeting their new parents!  All of us are very excited about this!  Of course, it will be a while longer before the babies can actually go home with their families, but it’s a happy time for all!  Tomorrow is also the kids’  five week birthday, and their second deworming!! Oh, how busy we’ll be! That’ll be different… ha.

Lydia's Red Ribbon Boy

These speedy growing little Doodles have outgrown their whelping boxes.  Our kitchen is now home to large playpens full of cute as buttons, barking, growling, playing, fighting, messy eating… well, you get the picture.  These little Doods bring fun and smiles and work all day and most of the night!

Rosie's Orange Ribbon Girl

I thought you might like to hear our daughter, Katie’s sales technique to her friend, Charlie, in a text:  “I know what you need.  You need someone who is always on your side  – whose life is dedicated to you, who is faithful till death, who cannot stay mad at you and always forgives, who kisses you good night and good morning every day, who will stay loyally by your side… Honey… You need… A GOLDENDOODLE!”  What do you guys think?

Light Pink Helps Mom Update Daily Doodle

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  1. katie shepelwich says:

    Your daughter needs to go into sales !! That is the cutest text. Do you have any black females left? I would love to come visit. Thank you. Katie Shepelwich, Roanoke

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