The Daily Doodle: March 18, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!!**

Afternoon Snooze in the Welcome Sun

Hey, Friends and Doodle Lovers!  Sorry it’s been so long, cause it’s been so busy!! My goodness, the days pass in a blur of chores and errands and parent dogs and puppies and family (not enough), and so much puppy business that’s not even hands-on, that I can’t keep up!  I’m so ashamed that my “Daily” Doodle isn’t anywhere near “Daily”, right now.  But I won’t bore you with any more of those mundane details.

Lydia's Yellow Ribbon Girl-Eleven Wks.

Our puppies, in their new adoptive homes, are all doing great and their families are happy!  Their sweet and funny stories keep us smiling and their pictures and videos make us proud.  It was worth it all!  We will update you with their pictures and excerpts a bit at a time, so that you, too, can continue to follow these little Doods that you have been following all this time!

Below, see Matthew and Hannah with their family’s new member – Charlie.  Charlie was recently found whining outside the closet door where his food is kept.  Sure enough, he was a hungry fellow and he knew, even at this tender age, just exactly how to tell his mom about it!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

You may have already noticed from our home page that we have Lydia’s three little Black Doodles still with us.  Jubal, our Goldendoodle from Rosie’s litter, is growing like a weed and cuter by the day (he gained four pounds one week and five pounds the next – he’s so big and floppy, I can hardly carry him anymore. Plus, his giant duck-like feet still appear waayy too big!) -

Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl-Eleven Wks

AND we have a new little  F1 Standard Goldendoodle girl here.  She’s eight weeks old and currently known affectionately as “Li’l Bit”.  That may just be an interim name till we see who she really is…we’ll see.  “Li’l Bit” is being, and will continue to be, very thoroughly evaluated to see if she may perhaps be an acceptable candidate as a mom for F1b Standard Goldendoodles sometime in the future.  We have been giving careful consideration to raising F1b’s for quite a while, now.  But, as with all of our parents, intense attention and detail will be focused on the health, temperament and conformation of each one.  Very strict and stringent criteria must be met before one may attain the high calling of being a parent at ILoveGoldendoodles!

Lydia's Light Pink-ADOPTED

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