The Daily Doodle: March 2, 2011:**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!!**

Jubal-9 Weeks

Here we are – ILoveGoldendoodles has only four little Doodles left now!  Sixteen happy little Standard Goldendoodles are all in their new homes with their happy new families.  We have already begun our waiting list for our next litter of F1 Standard Goldendoodles!  We don’t know exactly when that will be, yet, but we’ll keep you posted!  We want to be sure that our mom’s are fully recovered from their previous pregnancy, delivery and lactation before we ask them to do it again.  It’s important that they have some fun time and break time, too!

We’re having some warmer days now, and the puppies are getting to spend some good time outside.  They love it!  Warmer days, deeper holes… Oh, well.  Wouldn’t trade it!

However, we HAVE traded in our kitchen full of puppy playpens for four crates in the den – all in a row! Yippee! At last!  Of course, since the puppies would much rather be romping out of doors every little chance they get, or spending time gnawing on our dining room table and chairs, or playing in the utility room with the our moms and dads, they don’t get a lot of time in those crates!

Keep checking back as we work on getting you a page with some pics so that you can see  all those little Doods with their new families!  I’m sure that you kind of feel as though you know them since you’ve been seeing them and reading about them so much over these past nine weeks.  I know that you’ll be as excited as we are to know the families who decided to make one of our quality, exceptional Goldendoodles a loved and loving member of their family.

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