The Daily Doodle:March 22, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POSTS-CLICK HERE!!**

Hey Doodle Fans and Friends!

I wanted to pass along a little update to you on one of our special friends.  Remember Rosie’s Yellow Ribbon girl?  If you’ve been following along with us, you’ll remember that she is now “Sandi”.  Sandi loves her new family, and they love Sandi – very much.   We are thrilled for both of them.  It’s so rewarding to know that our puppies are in loving and happy homes and that the puppies, themselves, are also a joy and a blessing.  Look at sweet little Sandi!  Isn’t she something? Her mom tells us that she is doing “GREAT” and growing like a weed, that she is doing well with her house training.  According to mom, “She is such a sweetheart!”

Sandi at Home

What a lovely spring day in Floyd, Virginia!  Our mommy’s, daddy’s and puppies have had an absolute blast on this perfect  warm and sunny Goldendoodle day!  They have played, slept, barked and explored.  They have eaten, begged for never-ending treats each time the door was opened, and the puppies have pawed the water out of their bowls multiple times, something that they learned from an old pro – Solomon, himself.  Having been reminded that we’ve already been through this all last summer with our moms and dads, I told Katie that we should have expected that!  As I refilled their foot-dirtied, near empty bowls for the umpteenth time this afternoon while the puppies looked on, I let the water hose rain a light mist over them to see who loved it and who moved away.  Water lovers that our Golden Retriever’s are, as well as the Standard Poodles heading straight into the Little River, if opportunity presents itself, it came as no surprise that Lydia’s sweet, playful, little Black Standard Goldendoodle girls stood happily under the mist, enjoying every moment.  Jubal, true to his laid-back personality, was OK with being under it and OK with moving away – not in a hurry, at all – just going about his very important puppy business, whether he was damp or dry mattered not!  New little Goldendoodle girl, currently referred to as “Li’l Bit”, scampered out from under the water, duly unimpressed!  I think that will change, when she sees how much the others enjoy their kiddie pools and the Little River on our property!  We’ll let you know how that goes!

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  1. LeAnne says:

    Stanton sometimes paws the water out of his water bowl too!

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