The Daily Doodle-May 25, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE**! ST

Greetings, our fellow friends and Doodle lovers!  We’ve missed you!  Life goes on here at ILoveGoldendoodles, as busy as ever, yes even busier than ever.

Spring is here.  It’s time to plant our many flowers that we do each and every year.  They make our little place on the Little River so beautiful and so enjoyable.  We just wish we had more time to sit and enjoy them, and each other, too!

Today, we want to give you an update on another of Lydia’s little black Doodles.  He was formerly Lydia’s little Orange Ribbon Boy – now lovingly known as “Brody”.

Brody Plays

Brody’s mom tells us, “Brody is doing great and getting so big! He has been having so much fun going to the beach and playing by this lake down the street from my house. He is such a social dog and loves playing with all the dogs in my neighborhood…especially Layla, the Husky puppy next door who is a couple months older then Brody. I found the trick with Brody! Coins is a can. It has been the best training tool! We had a really bad storm the other night and poor little Brody was SO scared! He was barking and crying all night. I felt horrible for him! Have you seen some of the videos I’ve posted of him? He has such a great personality and it amazes me how much he has grown in size and maturity in the short time I have had him. If you guys happen to take a trip to the beach this summer I would love to bring him down so you can see him! I know we would both love to see you again! :)

Beach Brody

Mom also says, “He is a little sweet and I swear he tries to talk! He makes these crazy sounds that are hysterical! I have to get it on video and send it to you!”  We’d love to see and hear that!

Sandy Nose Brody

We love hearing Brody’s stories and seeing his pictures…he’s quite a busy boy!   Of course, there was that one picture of his Mom’s nice windowsill…with the corner chewed off.   We didn’t save that one!  But we did enjoy greatly hearing of this Brody moment: ” So little Brody was visiting at my parents yesterday and decided to dive into the pool! Haha.  My sister was there and she had him out back.  She said he looked at her and then got a running start and jumped right in!  So much for the bath I gave him yesterday morning!  lol  He is giving me as well as my family lots of laughs! :)

Brody After Swim

“I just took this picture this evening. He had just taken a little dip in the lake by our house. He had the BEST time. He did bring back a dead fish from the lake which only consisted of the fish bone with the head attached. He seemed so proud of himself, but I must confess…not my favorite Brody moment! Lol”

Brody Bath

“Right after his bath! It amazes me that he loves going in the lake, but hates getting in that bathtub! I think I ended up as wet as him by the end! Haha”

Thank you so much for all of the sweet updates and pics of your precious days with Brody!

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  1. Marianne Baker says:


    I’m very interested in a female f1 goldendoodle. I wanted to see how many females you had available at this time and the cost of the puppy?? Also, is it possible to take a visit to see the puppy?

    Please let me know. The easiest way to reach me is by email at

    Thank you.
    Marianne Baker

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