The Daily Doodle: March 6, 2011-**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST-CLICK HERE!!**

Sweet Jubal!

Happy ten week old birthday, little Doodles! You’ve come a long way, babies!

Lydia's Purple Ribbon Girl-Available for Adoption

Today, on the Little River in Floyd County, Virginia, we are having some pretty wild weather.  We’ve had a lot of rain in the past couple of days, so the river is up significantly.  In the past hour or so, we have had high winds, giant snowflakes and sleet, in addition to the rain.  Now,  to the previous scenario, toss into the mix about four, ten week old, very healthy and very active puppies, who need to go outside regularly – then returned inside fairly soon, as the temperatures are lowering quickly.   Also, the yards have many large, deep, standing mud puddles, which the puppies here have found to be of great interest and increasing importance as evidenced by their continuous exploratory adventures therein.  You would have laughed to have seen them slopping through the small ponds, first, very cautiously, stepping their sweet feet very high as they walked through,  a lot like a Tennessee Walking Horse.  In quick order, they, (especially Lydia’s girls) decided that there was a lot more to this whole cavernous, muddy, water-filled hole thing than at first meets the eye.  Even though they had come inside from their previous potty break wet and shivering, that memory was currently of no significant value, as they now ran manically back and forth repeatedly through the puddles (deep, too – for a Doodle!), joyously having the time of their life.  You could almost hear the shouts of laughter and the giggles, if you just listened closely enough!

All too soon, their mommy (who is very cold-natured)  decided that they must come in out of the drenching wet and cold to be dried and warmed appropriately.  All of the little Doodle kids are now having a snooze, because such action and excitement tend to make one tired, especially if you are just a baby!

Lydia's Yellow Ribbon Girl-Available for Adoption

Lydia's Light Pink Girl

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