The Daily Doodle:April 28, 2011-!!**TO VIEW THIS DAY’S PICS AND POST, CLICK HERE!!**

Guess Who?

Hi My Dear Friends and Doodle Lovers,

I know that it has been SO long since you have heard from us.  Please forgive.  We are not slacking – just so busy and overwhelmed that we cannot seem to see the light of day!  We often  go to bed at about 2:30 am and are up early again -  working – not playing! :^(

In addition, as some of you know, we are in the process of raising an exceptionally special, once in a lifetime litter of AKC Golden Retrievers!   Just as our Doodles, they are precious and loved in their own right.  They are being raised in the exact same manner as our own beloved Doodles were and are.  We have nine, one-week-old puppies, in their whelping box in our kitchen – six little boys and three sweet girls.   Sweet Mary is their mommy and King Solomon is the dad.  To watch them grow, please see  This site is not currently at completion, but, as for you who know me, my goal is for it to be completed as soon as I can possibly accomplish it.

Now, for the really, really fun aspect of this day’s Doodle:

Our featured precious little Doodle for today is Rosie’s little Purple Ribbon Girl.  Maybe you remember that this little girl is Rosie’s smallest sweet Dood of her litter.  When her happy new parents chose her for adoption, she instantly become “Lilly”!  Lilly was,  of course, adored while she was here with us, and she is now so adored by her mommy and daddy.  One of the things that she gets to do is go to work with her new dad.

Sweet Lilly!

Lilly’s Mom tells us, “Lilly weighs 32 pounds now.  If you have 10 minutes, you can watch her grow!”  She is such a sweet girl – she just likes to be touched and sit right beside us.”

Mom also says, “Lilly is wonderful!  … Her newest adventure is digging up my flower gardens!!  She shows up at the door with a muddy chin and feet – she is so cute that it is hard to be upset with her!!”

Lilly in Deep Trouble

Thank you, Lilly’s mom and dad for taking such good care of her and loving her so well.  You guys make it all worthwhile!

Beloved and Lovely Lilly

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