Where, Oh, Where Have Our Little Doodles Gone?

Finally! For all of you fellow Doodle lovers and Doodle “adopters” – for your viewing pleasure and for  joy in your big Dood hearts – here, at last, are our happy families with their very blessed little Standard Goldendoodles.  We, at ILoveGoldendoodles are SO pleased for each of our former babies and for each of those who have adopted these very special new additions into their families.
There are little Floyd County Goldendoodles in so many places!  ILoveGoldendoodles are in Richmond, Virginia and several surrounding areas.  One is in Virginia Beach.  One of Lydia’s little Doodles is in Manhattan, and one is in Long Island.  One little Doodle is not so far away, in Roanoke and one is in South Carolina.  One of our Doodles now resides in Williamsburg, and one in Yorktown.   Another little boy is in North Carolina and one is in Waynesboro. We’re excited!  Every report has been good and satisfying.  Phone calls and emails keep us smiling and actually laughing at all of the sweet stories that we are privileged to hear.   We hear heart warming statements such as “exceeds our expectations”,  “I just keep talking about her”, “the perfect puppy” and so many more.  We are glad that you are glad. Seeing our labor and our love come into such pleasing fruition for our puppies and for their new families make it all worthwhile.  We just couldn’t have asked for the Doodle babies to have gone to any finer families.  We have enjoyed greatly becoming fast friends with most of our families.  We keep in good contact, with them now updating us, as we have them (and you!) for all these weeks.  Our full intention is for this to carry on – with a lifetime of support, we wish to be available for any reason, and to share in your joy of your new love.

Ally, Becky, Joe and Lilly

Lisa, Cody, Zack, John and Waffles

Brock, Kiley and Loxie

Kim and Brody

Jacky and Sandi

The Chapman Family and Macy

Luke, Keith and Sunny

Mr. Glen and Sydney

Sara, Scott and Koufax

Kevin, Kath, Grant, Kim and Brooke

Carol, Andrew and Raleigh

Matthew, Hannah, Charlie

Michael and Coco

Scott, Charlotte, Ava and Sam

JM, Jennifer and Bryan

LeAnne, Andrew and Stanton

Gwendolyn and Callie

Cindy and Sophie

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